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Dear friends of the Hellenic Arthroscopic Society,

Ιt is with great pleasure that we announce the organization of the Knee Arthroscopy Cadaveric Course, which will be held at the Anatomy Laboratory of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, on October 20 and 21, 2023. Using the resources, know-how and scientific potential of the Society, and with the aid of the Society's President Vassilios Houliaras and Anatomy Professor Theodoros Troupis, we hope to implement, once again, one of its main goals, dissemination of scientific knowledge, transmission of experience and continuous education of its members.

The scientific program will include a theoretical and a practical part, with the first starting at noon on the first day and the second occupying the entire second day. Instructors of the Seminar will be colleagues highly experienced in arthroscopic surgery of the knee. Applications can be sent by trainees, new specialist Orthopedic Surgeons, as well as more experienced colleagues who wish to further optimize their techniques.

In order to make the most of this Seminar, and taking into account the experience from previous similar events, it was decided to have two innovations. The first innovation will be the formation of two groups, where the first (basic) will be made up of colleagues who wish to practice more basic skills in knee arthroscopy and the second (advanced), which will deal with more advanced techniques. The second innovation is the ratio of trainees per cadaver which will be 2 to 1. Thus, each cadaveric knee will have only two trainees, which will give enough time for them to practice, experiment, solve all the questions about the possibilities them on the knee, so that the event will be a real "hands-on" seminar.

We also pledge that all techniques and manipulations will be primarily performed by the trainees and the faculty members will only have high supervision of the entire process, intervening only to facilitate.

We look forward to the participation of colleagues with a keen interest in arthroscopic knee surgery and believe that we will satisfy their need for continuous practice and improvement of their skills to the maximum.

Stay tuned with the Hellenic Arthroscopic Society for ongoing information on the Knee Arthroscopy Cadaveric Course

Kind regards,

Plessas Spyridon                  Alexandros Tzaveas

1st Vice President                  Special Secretary